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Travel Safety Tips

August 29, 2019

Travelling can be an exciting eye-opening experience and it’s very easy to get caught up on the thrill and excitement. Amidst all the excitement it’s easy to lose yourself in the moment and that makes you vulnerable.

According to a national study conducted by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group which showed that since 2015 the number of incidents reported by travelers in which fine jewelry was reported stolen Doubled.

Nearly 20% of travelers have reported stolen or lost jewelry in contrast to 10% just 4 years ago.

And that’s just jewelry, let’s not forget other valuables like Passport, Phone, Tablets, Laptops & even Credit Cards and Cash all of which are “Hot” on the list of thieves and conmen who prey on tourist and their excitement. Ontario Limo Services has compiled a list of Top Travel Safety Tips that can help avoid frustration & disappointment on your next trip.

  • Blend In & Avoid Drawing Attention

A tourist can be spotted a mile away by most locals even if they are not of criminal intention. Most shopkeepers & street hawkers can easily spot a tourist among a crowd of hundreds. Mostly because tourists visit tourist spots but also because tourist WANT to stand out. The choice of clothing and how you behave (body language, choice of words, tone) is a dead giveaway. Think of a newly married couple vs. one that’s been married for a long time, isn’t it quite easy to spot the difference? Therefore you should always try to blend in as much as you can.

  • Secure your Travel Documents

Rule number one ALWAYS make copies. Make copies of your passport, entry stamp, visas, hotel booking and keep it with you at all times. Ideally you shouldn’t be going out and about with your original passport. Photocopies are accepted almost everywhere for sake of visual verification and if the need arises you can always let the authorities know that you have the original safe in your hotel room.

  • Know your Surroundings

Wherever you go be aware of your surroundings, always spot the entrance and exits, always make a mental checklist of what valuables you left the hotel with and make sure you reevaluate after every stop you make.