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Top 4 Limo Rental Myths Debunked!

September 16, 2019

Limousines have been around since the late 1920’s and have earned a reputation for being luxury transport vehicles. Perhaps it is this reputation that gave birth to several myths and misconceptions about limo rental services in general.

In this month’s blog Ontario Limo services of Ontario, CA is going to debunk the top 4 limo rental service myths and help clear the air of any misconceptions through facts & logic.

  1. Renting a Chauffeured Limo Will Cost a Fortune.

This is perhaps the greatest myth in the limo service. Ontario Limo Service has been in business for a decade proudly serving the Ontario, California region with cost effective limo rental services. Limo services can be affordable for almost any budget, what most people don’t realize is that a limo can comfortably accommodate up to 20 passengers in style, comfort & luxury. A common sedan-taxi will hold only 3-4 passengers and that too cramped. Renting a taxi to accommodate 20 people will end up way more costly than a limo rental and you don’t get to travel as a group.

  • Limo Rental Limousines Are Outdated.

Ontario Limo services and most limo rental businesses around the US take pride in boasting the latest and trendiest vehicles. Nowadays most limo rental companies offer technology packed Limo SUV’s and highly upgraded limo sedans. Not to mention that the limo business is a regulated business that requires certain upkeep and model range of limos that can be driven for passengers.

  • Limos are useful for short trips only.

For over a decade Ontario Limo Service has been providing pristine limo rental services for Proms, important clients, wine tours and even taking families to and from popular destinations across California. We would be more than happy to work out a custom rental package for you and your family.

  • Limo Drivers are just as unprofessional and fed-up as Ride Sharing Drivers.

As a regulated business industry, all of Ontario Limo Service Drivers are Highly Trained and Qualified individuals with special emphasis and training on People Skills and Emergency Situations. A limo is a tricky vehicle and requires utmost attention and care not just for the vehicle but the safety and well-being of our passengers is our number one priority and all of our drivers are experienced and friendly. Feel free to ask for their advice on tourist destinations and tips on how to best use your time and budget.